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Imaginary Friends

In many cultures children tend to have imaginary friends. Not all children but many children. Now I don’t know if its cause I am autistic, I did not have just one imaginary friend, no I had two…at the same time… a set of twins. These twins had no defining features or gender, they were justContinue reading “Imaginary Friends”

TW: Sex, child birth, body changes tearing

One thing birth givers don’t always talk about openly (or even OB-GYNs for that matter) is tearing…or at least not the different kinds of tearing that can happen. Prenial tears get talked about often because the “husband stitch” that happens to help “tighten things” back up (and honestly should have never been a thing sinceContinue reading “TW: Sex, child birth, body changes tearing”

Why correcting grammer is wrong

Many of us are most likely gulty of this or have been guilty of this in the past. For some Neurodivergent people who are rule driven it can be almost painful to not correct grammer or a misspelled word. However by doing so one upholds white supremacy (colonialism), for its racist, ableist, and classist. BeingContinue reading “Why correcting grammer is wrong”