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Last Goodbye (Poem)

“I hope you find a reason To smile through your tears. I hope you take a moment To remember happy years. I may be gone today And your grief maybe great. Just because I am gone Doesn’t mean I am forgotten. Just because today you remember me with tears Doesn’t mean you won’t smile tomorrow…

Why correcting grammer is wrong

Many of us are most likely gulty of this or have been guilty of this in the past. For some Neurodivergent people who are rule driven it can be almost painful to not correct grammer or a misspelled word. However by doing so one upholds white supremacy (colonialism), for its racist, ableist, and classist. Being…


I was kind of excited for the new year, happily I awaited the hours counting them down to the end of 2022. Then all the shit hit me when waking up today. The cost of living is rising and these were my thoughts: I close my eyes and let go Of all the dreams inside…

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