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Fat & Beautiful white autistic with dark multi-coloured hair and a medium brown hair extension clip. Black & white text reads Self diagnosed autie (diagnosed is in short form dx). Underneath in smaller white text Autistic phoenix.

I am a SelfDxAutie

My name is Tiffany, I am 31 and nearly 2 years ago I realized I am Autistic. I am a stay at home parent of 2. Oldest has an official diagnosis and the reason I started to really research about Autism. She/they pronouns, Bi and polyamorous.

I created the SelfDxAutie facebook page last year. This year though I have actually been more active on it. I also have a twitter under the same name. I started this blog to make documenting my Journey a little easier. However I am thinking about getting back more into writing and since publishing is really hard to get into, I may just post my stories here.

If you wish to make a donation my PayPal is @TAmbrose873

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