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Lonely is the activist

The more I’ve learned about intersectionality, the more I’ve learned about myself and have been healing pieces of myself the more lonely I’ve become. I often find myself waiting for those who are the most immediate in my life to understand the things I have learned. It feels like a chasm that has been growing rather steadily of late, and has it grows my patience shrink. I have been asking myself lately, as much as I love them, can I afford to keep doing so.

I have raised my children to be has independent as possible while still knowing I am here for them so they are often doing their own thing. Granted it has made home schooling a little difficult but here we are. Some of what I post to my page I post to my personal profile hoping my closest friends read it. Then I see something or in conversation they say something to the contrary of what I’ve posted. It leaves me wondering just how good an activist am I if my own closest friends ignore the things close to my heart.

I am not the same person they met and I am struggling with the fact we are so obviously growing apart.
I have several online friends that I am starting to miss even though I have yet to meet them in person. There is more understanding in the circle of online friends I have built up and more connection. I have no idea what I am going to do moving forward.

One of my best friends is likely to be moving to another city soon if their situation allows for it. My other best friend I am not sure how to close the distance between us that seems to keep growing. All I know is I’ve been having days where I feel so alone I can’t seem to breath.


Published by selfdxautie

I am an Undiagnosed Non-Binary person (she/they). I stumbled across pro neurodivergent autistics by pure chance and now I help spread the information they want Parents and even our fellow autistics to know has there is a lot of misinformation out there about Autism.

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