CalmCare: A Company That Became Inclusive

BIG NEWS!!! CalmWear has changed and it’s now CalmCare. This isn’t just a change of name though as they have also decided to become more inclusive and listen to Autistic voices which is just awesome! They now sponsor Autistic Inclusive Meets (AIM) which is a huge step for them. This shows a lot of growthContinue reading “CalmCare: A Company That Became Inclusive”

Tw for ABA, Ableism, Abuse both intentional and Unintentional.

Yes abuse can happen unintentionally. Many parents use reward systems not realizing it can be detrimental to mental health for many kids. Still abuse though. Someone yesterday told me I was more bully than advocate all because I pointed out that even if its one’s preference PFL is still ableist and I explained why itsContinue reading “Tw for ABA, Ableism, Abuse both intentional and Unintentional.”

Dear Martyr parents (tw for ableism).

Why is it so hard to support your child where they’re at? Why is the goal always, making them “self sufficient” instead of teaching them its okay to need help? Why is the goal always making them use the toilet instead of utilizing and normalizing the use of incontinence items? Why is the goals alwaysContinue reading “Dear Martyr parents (tw for ableism).”

On Using NonSpeaking, Minimally Speaking, Or Unreliably Speaking Over “Non-Verbal”: NonSpeakers Weigh In

“I prefer nonspeaking as I understand all language. Non-verbal suggests I don’t understand language and doesn’t represent how I love language.” On Using NonSpeaking, Minimally Speaking, Or Unreliably Speaking Over “Non-Verbal”: NonSpeakers Weigh In On Using NonSpeaking, Minimally Speaking, Or Unreliably Speaking Over “Non-Verbal”: NonSpeakers Weigh In

Fighting Internalized Body Shaming

TW: Mention of food with-holding, body shaming & miscarriage. For the most part I love my body. I love the slight hint of a curve at my waist, and even love my rolls and stretch marks. When you get essentially starved has a kid, and struggle to gain weight, the fact that I am fatContinue reading “Fighting Internalized Body Shaming”

Existence of Autism.

Autism has existed long before many of the vaccines people have tried to blame. The are old medical journals dating back to the 1700’s describing behaviours that are now would get those patients an autism diagnosis. Hell there are other accounts of the probability of autism existing has far back has the Zhou Dynasty. UnfortunatelyContinue reading “Existence of Autism.”

Inner workings of an audio& visual thinker.

My thoughts are an inner monolog occasionally the voice is mine, sometimes its not. Sometimes the thoughts are a mix of visual and audio almost like a movie. Flashes of pictures at other times or even silent film. Sometimes its silent inside my head, and vast dark place…actually silent isn’t even accurate. There is alwaysContinue reading “Inner workings of an audio& visual thinker.”

From one white Autistic to another (the lack of intersectionality)

In all honesty I am not even sure I should be writing this but I’ve noticed something particularly important about our community. When I first found the community, it seemed split into just two groups: those who are ProNeurodiversity and those who are antiNeurodiversity/ADW. The longer I’ve been here I noticed subset groups of AutisticsContinue reading “From one white Autistic to another (the lack of intersectionality)”

I’m Autistic and this is Why I Find People Overwhelming

This video was shot at the end of June and released early to Patreon, Facebook, and YouTube channel members on June 28, 2021. This video will be released to the wider general public on July 28, 2021.  Transcript: Hey humans, Lyric here. You may know me as the NeuroDivergent Rebel. I am a late discovered…Continue reading “I’m Autistic and this is Why I Find People Overwhelming”

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