Things rarely talked about

T.W Hormones, fertility (or lack of it), sex talk, Probably TMI My first full pregnancy was fairly smooth though definitely interesting sensory wise, raising my first born though introduced me to many sensory issues I didn’t realize I had. So, the decision to get fixed after baby number two came easily. What was unexpected wasContinue reading “Things rarely talked about”

Bias perspectives & Privilege

Its easy to say things like “travel to expand your perspective” if you are someone whose had the means…the PRIVLEGE… to travel. Just like for someone like me (a non-binary white person who is an avid reader, and watches the most random things) its a privilege to be able to look things up when IContinue reading “Bias perspectives & Privilege”

Mass post on Ableism

Dictionary Definition a·ble·ism/ˈābəˌlizəm/noun discrimination in favor of able-bodied people. However ableism doesn’t stop at just discrimination against disabled people. Talila A Lewis came up with this working definition of ableism:ABLEISM a·ble·ism \ ˈābə-ˌli-zəm \ noun A system that places value on people’s bodies and minds based on societally constructed ideas of normality, intelligence, excellence, desirability,Continue reading “Mass post on Ableism”

Musings of an Assistant Book 1 Pt 1

Prologue Has I look at my reflection in the mirror, for about the twenty thousandth time I ask myself, “How am I alive?” I look to the latest addition of scars upon my shoulder, in the crook of my neck. You would think with my job I wouldn’t be in any kind of danger. IContinue reading “Musings of an Assistant Book 1 Pt 1”

Hello Poppet Book 1 pt 2

Hunt for the warlord turned KingCrane’s POV… Crane sat upon his throne tearing into a roasted boar, he was impatiently waiting on his little slave bird. He had sent the little feather duster to aid the bastard Ratchet after he had become king. Well to spy on the bastard anyway, since his warlords were droppingContinue reading “Hello Poppet Book 1 pt 2”

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