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Just some random things

You maybe lost right now

But a new day always dawns

The darkness is thick right now

But the light always finds away

While shadows may draw ever nearer

You’re not as alone as you might feel

Something is always there to guide you

Even when everything seems hopeless

Even when you think you have

only yourself to count on

people may surprise you

even when all faith is gone

Singing softly in the moon light

Has the shadows draw ever near

Dancing where the day meets night

You can always find me there

Whisper secrets in my ear

Don’t worry I’ll hold them tight

Won’t tell a single soul you hear

I should give you fair warning

There’s always a price to pay

Take my hand and dance with me

While away the passing hours

Sit and chat for endless days

For I am spirit everlasting

Keeper of secret desires

I’ll draw out the things you hide

So you may set aside your pride

Let the chaos in, so hopefully

the healing can begin.

I wrote a song once

about being daddy’s girl

but it was all a lie cause you see

mommy took me away

for her own selfish reasons

and daddy didn’t care

though father once told me

that he did come for me

that he was proud of me

but I know deep inside it was a lie

cause no matter how hard I tried

I wasn’t enough, didn’t matter

what was said to me I could always tell

I never made him all that proud

he kept looking for the little girl

that had long since died inside

to be reborn again and again

forge in chaos and flames

Mother once told me

I was strong because of her

yet all she did was choose

her lovers over her children

all she did was blame me for

every single fight with the one she married

bitch please im strong

because of me has all you did

was sit around ignoring what

was done to me but still

I’ve been standing here

on my own taking care of everything

that came my way, with hardly

anyone by my side.

yet still I did what I could

to be that perfect daughter

but now I know better

has it turned out I was

never meant to be a daughter

just a child, though i never

got to be a child

no matter how hard I tried

I wasn’t enough, didn’t matter

what you said to me I could always tell

I never made her proud but that okay

I like me better now anyway

I never made either of you proud

I’ve held onto all this rage

the entire time, it is it’s own beast

inside my mind that grew with me

but now we’re free and

healing fine, the beast is tamed

and is all mine both letting go

of all the rage inside


Published by selfdxautie

I am an Undiagnosed Non-Binary person (she/they). I stumbled across pro neurodivergent autistics by pure chance and now I help spread the information they want Parents and even our fellow autistics to know has there is a lot of misinformation out there about Autism.

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