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Imaginary Friends

In many cultures children tend to have imaginary friends. Not all children but many children. Now I don’t know if its cause I am autistic, I did not have just one imaginary friend, no I had two…at the same time… a set of twins.

These twins had no defining features or gender, they were just there all the time, and they were telepathic. So I could talk to them all day everyday and no one being wise to me having imaginary friends. The telepathy was a good thing cause they probably stuck around much longer then what would be considered “normal” by neurotypical standards.

I had mine right up till mid-teens and even then they didn’t entirely disappear. They flitted in and out for the longest time has if to check in on me like non imaginary friends do. Although a google search did reveal that it is normal for some children to have imaginary friends until their teens.

Study on how imaginary friends go beyond culture

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Published by selfdxautie

I am an Undiagnosed Non-Binary person (she/they). I stumbled across pro neurodivergent autistics by pure chance and now I help spread the information they want Parents and even our fellow autistics to know has there is a lot of misinformation out there about Autism.

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