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Importance Of Language, Symbols, Standing against harmful organizations. Pt 1

TL/DR The importance of language, symbols, and standing against harmful organizations. In many groups I’m in whenever these topics are brought up there is always, always a handful of people including autistics who as why are they important. There are more important issues. While yes there are so many other issues, they all are atContinue reading “Importance Of Language, Symbols, Standing against harmful organizations. Pt 1”

Cyber Bullying and Social Media

Here’s the thing, even if they post your name, city and where you work.. Facebook, Instagram and Twitter will not take the posts down. They can call you names like stalker when what you’re doing is only fact checking them. This is what is happening to me right now. Connie Manning CEO/Director of CalmWear hasContinue reading “Cyber Bullying and Social Media”

Ontario Autism Groups to Avoid

This will be an on-going blog, has I discover more local facebook groups to add. May expand further in the future to include other world wide groups. Autism Support Group GTA- boots autistics for advocating against ABA Autism Parents support group for families in Ontario Canada – Kicks autistics for speaking out on function labels,Continue reading “Ontario Autism Groups to Avoid”