Domestic Violence

At this point most people are rather familiar with what domestic violence is though sometimes victims will be in complete denile for many reasons trauma bonding being a huge contributing factor. Many think that women and feminine presenting people are always the victims in domestic violence cases (and I will eventually cover the issues women and feminine presenting people face). That men and masculine presenting people are always the perpetrators. This comes from how misogynistic our society is and utilises stereotypical gender roles to push this narrative. Has such domestic violence against men and masculine presenting people has gone mostly unnoticed.

The misogyny aspect: “Men are the stronger sex” there fore women can’t hurt them for they “are the weaker sex”. Gross in many ways, however an unfortunate truth, one that tends to exclude trans people in most cases while in others plants them has either the victim or the perpetrators just like with cis gendered people falling into gender stereotypes. So when men be they trans or cis or masculine presenting their stories tend to be ignored, they are just has ridiculed for it that is if anyone believes them.

Articles on how males are being left out of the domestic violence conversations.

Out of all domestic violence that actually gets reported about 1 in 4 women experience it and 1 in 9 men. I expect both of these numbers are probably not only closer together but very likely much higher, since has I said these are based on the cases that get reported. Out of these numbers statistics get broken down even further into several categories. Physical violence, Sever physical violence, injuries rape, stalking, all where women or woman presenting people (I am noticing a major lack of inclusion in these statistics so will do my best to adjust has possible) have higher statistics then men or men presenting people.

Statistics are further broken down into how many are reported more then 20,000 phone calls nation wide ( I believe all these statistics I am currently looking at are US based but possibly Canadian based). That guns present in DV cases increase risk of homicide by 500%, 15% of violence is commited by an intimate partner, women or woman presenting people between 18-24 are most commonly abused (though again this is based off what is reported, there is very real chance that men and man presenting people do not report for the afformention sexism issue or their reports are not taken seriously). This is probably not helped by the fact that only 34% report what their injuries are from when the go to the hospital.

For futher statistics (heavily gendered language)

Reactive Abuse
Reactive Abuse happens when a victim becomes tired of how they are being treated and so they begin to react back when they are being abused. Which abusers use against their victims later on to make their victim doubt themselves. Often times the instigator will try and say “we are mutually abusive” though due to the power dynamics involved and need for control this is obviously a false narrative. Which is why experts do not believe “mutual abuse” is really a thing.

They suggest the most impossible thing though for handling this (though it can probably be done it would be very hard to do). Essentially ignore the fight or flight response that gets triggered so that one can more easily consider their own response in these situations to take back their power.

Domestic Violence Centers and other info (Canada)



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