Hard time (another late teen early 20’s poem)

Hard Time
It takes but a moment
To realize whats more important
In ones life
And in that moment
You have a choice
To walk away from it all
Or to take that chance
And risk it all
To grasp those things
And treasure them

Things fall apart
Or fall into place
Hold onto hope
Hold onto dreams
And get ready to fight
To stake a claim on
Those who make life
Worth waking up every morning
Make it worth living

Put behind you that
Painful past, let go
Of the anger, the sorrow
Set aside yesterdays horrors
Take hold of this nights pleasures
Let it lead onto
The delights of tomarrow

When everything hurts deep inside
Hurts to the point you
Want to scream and cry
Take a deep breath and
Slow down, put away the gun
Don’t run, don’t hide
Take a step out
Of the darkness

Sometimes there’s noone there
To help pick up the pieces
You learn to stand on your own
Then you learn to take
The chances if in the end
It all leads to salvation
Take that happiness and hold it
For god only knows
You deserve it

Published by selfdxautie

I am an Undiagnosed Non-Binary person (she/they). I stumbled across pro neurodivergent autistics by pure chance and now I help spread the information they want Parents and even our fellow autistics to know has there is a lot of misinformation out there about Autism.

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