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Mass resource list on ABA

Don’t let the name fool you. This list contains links for those who oppose ABA in any form not matter how subtle it is. Its abuse, always and at the least mentally so. Yes even that ABA supposed gentle rewards ABA. Several links are just why many autistic oppose ABA, several are first hand accounts, through in a couple of studies on it leading to ptsd and several on what flags to watch out for. Included is 3 master opposition posts. Last some Information on the founder of ABA and his link to conversion therapy.


Ivar Lovaas

Will update this post has i find more to add. this resource list has a few I am probably missing unless they are in one of the other links above.

Published by selfdxautie

I am an Undiagnosed Non-Binary person (she/they). I stumbled across pro neurodivergent autistics by pure chance and now I help spread the information they want Parents and even our fellow autistics to know has there is a lot of misinformation out there about Autism.

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